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Elections are very important: they can either progress or destroy any given group involved. So, given how valuable the whole electoral process is when it comes to leading one’s respective group, regardless of size, it is very interesting to look at how a person’s appearance affects its results. Unlike other activities where it’s all about one’s ability, elections tend to mix public policy with pageantry, which isn’t all that great. But, just like that moment when you run out of your favorite ice cream, it’s a sad truth in life that you simply have to get with. With that having been mentioned, let’s look at how you can up your appearance game and get you that spot you’re aiming for during election season.

Election Campaign

Honestly, it’s not really that hard. Although there is some element of show business in the whole electoral process, it thankfully isn’t all that matters. So, that means you don’t have to bust out that botox and start injecting your ugly mug with it; you just need to look very, very presentable to the point that people think they can have beers with you even though you’re really this power-hungry psychopath who’d like to use people as footstools while you dine on a bowl of cereal mix with their teeth once you’ve won. So, let’s begin!

What you simply have to keep in mind is that it’s all about hygiene. For one, there’s the whole act of showering. You could think of it as a system reboot for all the dirt you’ve accumulated from shaking the hands of all those peons you’ve been interacting with on your campaign route, so it’s important you don’t get their gross commoner germs on you. The first thing you have to remember about showers is that you don’t really have to do it every day. The whole idea of daily bathing is actually dependent on your activities. If you’ve been on a campaign for the last seven days straight, then it’s ideal that you wash yourself daily during that time. If, however, you’ve just been at home with your mistress at your secret beach house in Cancun, then it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shower every day. That is, of course, unless you guys have been doing some pretty dirty things.

Now, dirty things or not, you can always make showering a whole wonderful activity in and of itself, so you better come with the right kind of tools when you do this. For one, choose a shower that matches all your needs. You can read the complete buyer’s guide here to see for yourself.

Finally, here’s a bit of a pro tip for you: try turning the water cold in the shower after a hot one. According to some experts, this can help revitalize your skin by tightening up your pores after that hot shower you had. Secondly, it helps you cool down and increase the amount of time before you sweat after stepping out of the shower. Enjoy, and good luck winning that election, you creep!




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